Some of our pools

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Johnny A.
We did resurfacing on this pool. We also installed our ECO Pool Filter and No Salt/No Chlorine System. The pool surface still looks as good as the day it was put on four years ago. Thanks to our changes, the pool service on this pool is simple with only a minumum of products required.

Bill R.
This is one of the biggest fiberglass pools installed in Metro New Orleans. This pool has our ECO Pool Filter and stays clean with a very low cost to the customer. In fact, the pool now requires almost no maintenance!

David S.
This pool has the No Salt/No Chlorine System as well as ECO Pool Filter. We also did a complete rebuild of the pump. The pool now saves the customer a lot of money compared to what he was paying to keep up his pool before. This pool was one of our biggest challenges. After handling all the problems, this is a very beautiful, low cost pool for the customer.

Tommy D.
This pool was a complete mess when the customer came to us. We resurfaced the pool, removed the salt system, and rerbuilt the pool pumps. Then we installed an ECO Pool Filter and No Salt/No Chlorine System. This pool now has a very low cost for upkeep and the maintenance required is a bare minumim.

John Y.
This pool was a salt water pool before we came in. We removed the salt system, cleaned up the pool and pumps, then installed our ECO Pool Filter and No Salt/ No Chlorine System. This pool is back to working the way it was originally designed.

Tim R.
We did a major renovation of this pool, including adding a spa. We resurfaced the pool and fixed the whole power station. This pool now has the No Salt/No Chlorine System with it's low maintenance cost. It's very easy to run compared to what customer had before we showed up.

A. P. M.
We resurfaced this pool and installed the No Salt/No Chlorine Pool System along with our ECO Pool Filter. The client now enjoys a great pool that cost very little to run. The maintenance is minimal, too.