About Eco Pools

Michael WaletI’m Michael Walet, the owner and innovator of ECO Pool Service. After attending the Milwaukee School of Engineering, I began my career as an engineer. I spent two years helping to develop a product for the automotive industry that was 90% water and 10% concentrate. After completing that two-year project, I decided to shift my focus to working with water and have been working in the water business now for over 20 years.

Over the years, I’ve written many papers on filtration and oil recycling and even helped build a desalination plant in China. But I discovered my passion when I started working with swimming pools.

Initially I was working in Florida, providing residents with an excellent water filtration system for their homes, when I discovered the No Salt/No Chlorine Pool System. This was an amazing way to operate a pool and offered the ideal scene for the customer and their family. I studied this concept, which came from NASA, but learned quickly there were some things that needed improvement on both the pool system and pools in general.

I discovered New Orleans, LA was the worst place in the country to run a pool, so I moved there to learn more about the pools and how well the No Salt/No Chlorine Pool System would work there. I spent the next two years learning everything about the pools here, from the ground up: building, remodeling, resurfacing, and the main thing, water balance. I read all about the major manufactures and their products: Jandy, Pentair, and Hayword. I mainly use Jandy products; they perform better in my opinion.

I’m not in favor of saltwater pools at all. They create many serious problems in the pool and are not user friendly at all. When you burn salt you make chlorine that is uncontrolled. Then you have to use a stabilizer to keep the chlorine in the pool. This stabilizer is cynauric acid which is very toxic. Why would you turn your pool into a toxic waste dump?Certification as Pool Operator

I’m a Certified Pool Operator by the National Swimming Pool Foundation. I’m also a Certified Pool Plasterer and have tried many different plastering techniques since this is one of the main problems with gunite or cement pools.

I’ve installed and worked with many fiberglass pools and these pools have come a long way. This led me to my next product, Fibre Tech. This product fiberglasses a gunite pool, allowing the pool to run much better and with a lot less maintenance. Fibre Tech is a great product that helps the pool owner safely enjoy the pool with the least amount of chemicals.

We build each ECO Pool Filter without using toxic substances, so they’re much better than sand or DE filters. Our custom filters are 100 times better than a cartridge filter. Filtration is my strong suit as I specialized in this in college. Among my many accomplishments with filtration, I’m proud to say I built the filtration system the U.S. Army uses in the M1 tank, as well some used for robotic systems in the automotive industry.

Our pool service doesn’t stop with the pool structure and quality of water. We are also certified to do solar heat and solar electric for your pool.

I pride myself in being innovator in the pool business, so we’re constantly looking for better ways to run your pool. At ECO Pool Service, our goal is to assist you in having the most ECO Pool possible. One that is safe and enjoyable for your whole family.