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Want a healthy pool that's easy to maintain and safe for your family?

Want a healthy pool that doesn't burn your eyes or irritate your skin?

Want a pool that feels like you're swimming in silk?

Our ECO Pools don't use salt or chlorine! Our natural oxidation system sanitizes and cleans the water with no chemicals! It cleas all the scale and calcium out of your pool pipes and pumping equipment, reducing wear and tear on the equipment so it will last a lot longer.

Considering a salt water pool?
Read this first!

1) Salt water pool systems are NOT chemical-free, they merely create chlorine by burning salt. So a salt water pool system is very similar to the traditional system using chlorine tablets. The difference is saltwater generators burn salt to make chlorine, which becomes uncontrolled chlorine and needs stabilizer (cyrannic acid) to be put into the water. Cyrannic acid is another poison being put into the pool water. On top of that, the heavy metals that come out of the salt go into the pool surface and cause staining and spots.

Every salt water pool we've come into contact with always has to have more chlorine tablets to keep the water clean, proving a salt water pool is not a workable system.

2) Since salt water pools still produce chlorine, things like changes in temperature, number of swimmers, amount of sunlight, and rainfall can all have a negative impact on the effectiveness of the sanitizing system. This may require additional “shocking” of the water to prevent an algae outbreak.

3) Pools with salt water generators don't control calcium scaling. This means you're left with scaling on pool walls and rock features.

4) Salt water pools use an average of 500 watts of AC power for a 20,000 gallon pool. ECO Pool systems are much more energy efficient, using only an average of only 40 watts of DC power to treat the same amount of water.

5) Backwash from salt water pools can kill plant life, sterilize soil, and prevent plant growth. This is why they're prohibited in many areas in the United States and Australia (where salt water pool systems were invented). On the other hand, backwash from an ECO Pool is safe for use on lawns and in gardens since it does not contain any salt or sodium.

6) Both chlorine and salt water pools can damage vinyl liners, automated pool covers, and solar covers. On top of that, salt water systems can also damage fiberglass pools, pool pumps, and pool heaters. It could cost you $3,000-$5,000 to replace a pool heater. With cement pools, salt water can cause many problems with the pool surfaces, tile, and other products in the pool. A chlorine pool run correctly with proper pumping, ECO filtration, and water balancing will work much better. Saltwater pools bring many problems into the picture that people don't see for the first two to three years.